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Fine Day Photography 

Fine day photography is a professional photography studio in Coquitlam, offering photos for family, portrait, baby, passport, and wedding photo styles.

We have 15 years of experience in providing customers with special moments in photography.

Portrait Photo

Would you like a portrait photo? Can we be your photographer, and create your unique photo for a portrait?

Here's what we suggest...wear clothes that...

Passport Photo

How about you need a passport photo? We have made countless photos for passports that have made our customers more than happy!

Family Photo

Families are what makes our community strong and full of character. We would like to photograph your family, and capture this unique moment in time. Come on in to our studio, and let us build your family photo! We have professional backdrops, and lighting techniques.

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Specialize in New Born baby passport photos, including infant / Baby Photos

Establish a modern and contemporary photo for your baby, and printed copy for your home. There is a wide variety of modern baby photo fashions for cute results and top quality designs.

Family Photos

If you are searching for a great way to celebrate your family, a photo of your family is a stylish way to preserve your family's character. We have professional lighting in our studio in Port Coquitlam, please come and visit us.

Wedding Photos and wedding photography packages

Our relaxing photography style will bring a smile to your ready to be married outlook. What is your photography style, what do you like in photos? Let's talk about your wedding, and plan your photos for your wedding day.


Fine day Photography would like to be your photographer in Coquitlam. Please contact us to capture the special moments of your celebration. We provide professional photography in our studio in Coquitlam, and we also provide on location services, so we can photograph at your location.

You will see that our studio is set up with state of the art, professional lighting systems.
The most fun photos in Coquitlam. Get your photos produced here, with professional photography service.

Our attention to quality photos, and competitive pricing is priority.
Our studio is located at #201-931 Brunette  Avenue in Coquitlam. Our telephone # is 604-619-8851.

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